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Oltre - Claudio Baglioni Cover Band


Roman band formed in 2003, the first of its kind, brings on stage the most beautiful and emotional songs by Claudio Baglioni.

Killer Queen
Killer Queen - Queen Cover Band

Official italian Queen performers since 1995, have made hundreds of concerts around Italy going beyond the boundaries, such as Switzerland, Spain to name a few.


Marco Graziosi
Marco Graziosi - Rino Gaetano Cover Band

Singer and songwriter. Soon the release of his new album. Meanwhile, the tour continues with its twenty-year tribute to Rino Gaetano.


Roberto Pambianchi
Roberto Pambianchi - Lucio Battisti Cover Band

Voice and guitar with his band in tow, revives "Emotions" of a great artist.


Chris Afrika

Percussionist, live performance.
It boasts a lot of collaborations with different artists, attending at various
very important events.

Sonho Brasilero


Fascinating and charming Brazilian trio that offers music and costumes of their land. The group can be combined with both the DVJ as well.

Proposed for disco, conventions and private parties.

Sheila Verdi

Choreography and juggling with clubs, with the possibility to insert into the bright lights, so you can use them like "flashlights".

Juggling with ribbon, hoop, ball, chair, ball, contortionist.


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