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Crazy Boat

, in collaboration with Hitmania, organizes Crazy Boat, the first event “Dance No Stop” on a cruise ship.  An unforgettable holiday (4 days) from the 14th to 17 July 2012. Destination Barcellona.

If you book on behalf of Eventimusica and Networkstudio5 you will have a lot of benefits, such as concessions for groups formed by girls

Contact us without any commitment.



Top Five Photo Casting


Eventimusica, in cooperation with the national distribution of these magazines Car and Capelli, Ricci and Capricci, Woman Fitness and Unghie Show you every Friday:

"TopFive Photo Casting"

Check the event page


Music Dreamers in collaborazione con HitMania

Eventimusica selects songwriters and musicians who would like to participate at the 2012 new edition of the national contest "Music dreamers".

Could be won a charming prestigious award.

Eventimusica researches organizers throughout Italy who would like to take an exclusive.

WebRadio Instore

Thanks to STREAMING mode, now a steady stream of music, news, commercials, updates can reach the REAL TIME, even with a simple ADSL connection, the point of sale, providing a continuous support to sales inside of your store or shopping center installing a Private Radio.
We can provide you with a weekly schedule, inserting not just the usual radio news, but also and especially true spoken programs, while the speaker can direct your customers to specials and particular products.
A suitable music to a right target, as shown by much researches, manages to create a pleasant atmosphere, increasing the permanence into the point of sale.
Professional spot and announcements allow you to communicate directly to the costumer,urging greatly the purchase impulse and allowing you to get an immediate feedback.
Informing customers about some new promotion or activities decided by the Governing Marketing, inserting the press in a few minutes, in the daily schedule, allow you to carry out promotional works with a great impact.


CDS Europa LF Magazine DJ Marco Graziosi